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SpeedDemosArchive and Speedrun dot com: Both are pretty good speedrunning forums but slipping into disuse because of Discord

BellTree: The main Animal Crossing forum

YourGhostStories: A forum for the paranormal

FailFandomAnon: A panfandom and post-metafandom anonmeme


Terrible Fate: Remember in like 2012 when everyone thought the world was gonna end? I do. And I remember this website springing up and the shit-storm that surrounded it. The site is broken now but bAck In tHE DaY the mask/moon would fall from the sky on the page thanks to Flash!

Terrible Fate Shortfilm: An animated shortfilm that utalises the music of above (these guys have a video game coming out which looks sick!)

Dolphin: Emulator for Wii and Gamecube Break boundaries and explore video game models I swear by this website. Perfect for all your film needs!

A Complete Kingdom: Yes, this is Supernatural fanfiction but it's also a brilliant work of horror fiction that is FAR to good for the source material.

'Pika pika!'