About the Webmaster

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The Webmaster here is "Martyr", who is not only "Just Some Guy" suffering from "Winchester Derangement Syndrome" (both self-dx) but also an angel reborn! After eighteen years on Earth thought they better put themself out into the cyber-space and this webbed site is the result. Thank you for checking it out! + MORE

Things I like / What I'm interested in:
* Web 1.0 and Neocities
* Angelic lore, the supernatural and the CW's Supernatural (sadly, I'm a heller)
* Sushi with ponzu sauce
* Films → Perfect Blue, The Social Network, Eternal Sunshine for a Spotless Mind, Lord of the Rings are some of my favourites
* 70s-80s J-Pop, Riot Grrl/Ghoul, Post-Punk and New Wave
* Fucked up media, twisted hags and fridged bitches
* Thunder, lighting and rainstorms especially in the dead of night!
* Completing sidequests - both irl and in video games
* Taking +5 psychic damage whenever online
* Typing away on my little keyboard :]